Monday, January 3, 2011

Nike + iPod Sport Sensor

This simple sensor that can be used with the Apple iPod Touch or iPhone to  help you track your fitness progress.  You simply insert the sensor  into a built in pocket on a pair Nike + shoes from the specially designed line. 

Nike+ is designed for athletes who want to measure and track their performance towards their fitness goals.  It can track distance walked/ran, your pace,  time elapsed and how many calories burned.  You can also get updates and motivation as you workout from the via the Nike+ GPS app for iPod Touch and iPhone.

Once you are done your workout head over to the Nike+ Dashboard to  save your fitness information and track your improvement.  Nike+ Dashboard offers much more than tracking progress though.  You can set up a coach program to push you even further, train for things like the Chicago Marathon, NYC 26.2, 5K, 10K or if you are beginning you can start from walking and be running in 12 weeks.

Order your Nike+ sensor today and start tracking your fitness and start  making new goals for your weight management or fitness program.